Please help, took it apart now I can't get it back together

I took apart the kickdown linkage on my 96 dodge caravan 3.0 during the process of a headgasket replacement, now every thing is back together but I can’t remember how to put the last part back together, the kickdown linkage that goes from the throttle body down to the transmission. I have a bracket, a nut that bolts the bracket to something and a spring that hooks onto the bracket, can anyone please help. Thank you

Should be somebody on this board with a Dodge Minivan that could send you a picture. If it was my car I’d go to a junkyard and take a picture of an identical one with my cellphone or digital camera, then put it on the PC and work from that. Should be easy it you have a picture of a working setup. Good luck! Rocketman

Yea and that is why is it usually a good idea to start off such projects with that digital camera.

Other sources may include a repair manual from the library or auto parts store. Sometimes the dealer will help you out by showing you a photo from their parts list.

Good luck