1970 Volvo 240 - Help request

I’m rebuilding a 1970 Volvo 133 (2 door)Amazon and am having problems fitting the rear side window rubber/metal moulding.
It came off so should go back on!
Is there a trick to fitting these?
I have tried using a plastic shoe horn to fold the rubber into the groove,but the moulding is too big to fit into the surround.
Is there a particular way it goes in (i,e from the inside/outside,front section first?
Have put “240” in your list as it doesn’t list the car you are featuring!

The chance that anyone with experience doing this on that rare vehicle will see this is really low. Use a web search for actual Volvo forums and classic vehicle rebuilders might have better results . Also call local body shops and see if they might be able to do this without breaking something.

Try calling 240 Revival, LLC. They may be able to help. They are a Volvo specialty restorer/sales/service place. (603) 933-2483. Offer to give them a gift cert to Tookey Mills Pub if they can answer your question.

If I understand the design corrctly… the rubber seal is installed on the window glass first. The you insert a narrow cord, like parachute cord, into the groove that fits on the window frame. Have an assistant hold the assembly to the glass, as you pull the cord, it flips the rubber over the metal frame.

I’d bet there is a video on YouTube showing this.

And here it is!



Wow! Who knew? Certainly not me.