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Volvo 850 Rear Bumper

My daughters 95 Volvo 850 had a sagging rear bumper. I prchased new mounting brackets and removed the bumper. It turned out the brackets were for a 5 door, and her car is a 4 door. I returned to the dealership and was told that they can only get the left side bracket and that the right side bracket is no longer available. The brackets look nearly the same except the mounting holes are opposite.
I went ahead and ordered two left side brackets. I am hoping to be able to drill holes in one of them to fit it on. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? The bumper is now off the car and the old brackets are rusted to nothing.

try a junk yard. You may have to take them off yourself, so be prepared to bring heavy duty tools

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I wouldn’t think there’d be a problem with re-drilling the holes-not knowing what the thing looks like. On my VW, the repair brackets were weld-on brackets that my dad was able to weld on somehow. So you just do what you have to do for discontinued parts but if you can start with something near correct, you’re ahead of the game.

Thanks, I should get the brackets today. I let you know if it fits.