1970 Pontiac GTO needs a mechanic in Atlanta

I am looking for a mechanic to view a 1970 Pontiac GTO in the Atlanta area

You might try nursing homes and senior centers in the Atlanta area. Any mechanic familiar with the cars is retired. Just joking!

What you need is a restoration shop familiar with Pontiacs to look it over. They can tell you if it is a REAL GTO or just a V8 LeMans with GTO hood and badging. A mechanic will only be able to identify condition, not correctness.

Google found me this shop: https://www.atlautoresto.com/

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There are people that specialize in classic car inspections, perform a search for classic car inspection.

This is one company;


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Another approach - find one through the local GTO club:


I buy vintage cars and have used www.autoappraisal.com to perform inspections where the car is too far for a personal visit.