I need buying help

ok, I have been looking at used cars to buy, I have a budget between up to $7500, although I might go higher if I really have to, but i would rather not, recently I have had my eye on one car, a pontiac GTO, is there any way I could buy an automatic transmission pontiac GTO for less than $7500??

Maybe it would help if you told us the year of the car(s) you’re interested. Are you looking at the GTO from just a few years ago or a classic GTO from way back when?

Either way I think a decent car for under $7,500 is little more than wishful thinking.


Check eBay motors and Hemmings.com for prices on these cars. Good luck.

Even if you locate such a car (70s GTO), you will be spending a lot of money to keep it runing as a daily driver. Since you are on a budget, I foresee nothing but trouble. You will also need to locate a shop that can fix such a car. Most young mechanics are baffled by a carburetor.

For $7500 there are some reasonably good later model cars that will not drive you to fiancial ruin. A Hyundai Elantra, Mazda Protege, Chevy Cobalt/Cavalier, older Ford Crown Victoria. Just look in the Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide.