I need buying help

ok, I have been looking at used cars to buy, I have a budget between up to $7500, although I might go higher if I really have to, but i would rather not, recently I have had my eye on one car, a pontiac GTO, is there any way I could buy an automatic transmission pontiac GTO for less than $7500??

What year?

1970 preferably

$7500 isn’t going to buy alot muscle car. You can get a running example, but chances are it’s going to need another $10k-$15k in work to turn into something you’d want to show up to a cruise night in. A respectable paint job will cost $4k-$5k easy alone. I’d said it before, Classic car restoration is not a hobby for the faint of heart or light of wallet.

If I had a budget of just $7500 for a new car, I’d think about something more economical and of better value than GTO…but you’ve probably thought about that already. If this is your “fixer upper budget” separate from basic transportation, a couple of neighbors are into the used Vette scene. If you’re going to “waste” money, you might as well do it big time and get the bragging rights that go with it.