2000 GMC Yukon - Looking for a mechanic

Fine a mechanic ho work on gmc in my area of atlanta,Ga 30331

Well, I don’t know many HO’s that are mechanics too. :wink: :rofl:


Go to the top of the page (red bar) and click on REPAIR SHOPS, input your city and state (follow the directions) and it will give you 77 choices when I checked with your city/state…
There is nothing special about your vehicle that requires a specialty shop to repair it…

@davesmopar Since you are new here many of us have complained about the Repair Shop site . Many of the posts are out of date or written by the shop owners them selves .

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Finding a good mechanic in 2023 means starting on the internet. Look for one with recent good reviews on Google Maps. This may help:


Also ask GMC-owning friends, co-workers etc which shop they use.

OK, thanks for the info Volvo-V70…

I checked around me and saw a lot of ones that I recognized…

Worst case look for someplace like Firestone/Goodyear etc…

Gee, with a small, remote, village like Atlanta GA, mechanics are probably scarce.


Especially ones with GMC experience.

lol … speaking of Atlanta, during my travel here and there era, there were a few US cities I consistently enjoyed visiting, inevitably always had an enjoyable experience, and Atlanta is one of them. Others: New York City, Philly, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

LA was okay, my only experience with SF was the airport and bus station, going to and from Travis AFB. Hated Atlanta, even in the 70s traffic was nasty, last drove through there in 2021. The only big city I enjoyed was Tokyo, but there either walked or used taxis.

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It’s even worse, now.

My favorite cities to visit are London and Prague. Both have good mass transit, with–of course–London’s mass transit covering much more of the city.

Prague’s subways (at least when I last visited) use old Soviet-made equipment, which is incredibly noisy, but at least you won’t get taken for a ride (both literally and figuratively) as you would if you took a taxi in Prague. Every guide book warns that Prague’s taxi drivers are a larcenous lot, because their practice of cheating on fares is so common.

2000 Yukons are almost fun to work on. Finding a mechanic should be fairly easy. Use input form friends, family, so workers, and yelp.

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Talk to everyone you know and see who they use and if they are happy with the results. Eventually you will have a short list of good shops to try.