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1970 Jeep Wrangler - Tires needed

1964 jeep snow plow with 700/15 tires need new snow tires

After this many years it is not surprising.


We don’t sell tires here. Try

In that case you really should get some. Try google.


Pep Boys has a sale, Costco and Sams club have good prices

IF your question is size conversion, size would be close to 225/75R15.


I had assumed the question was “what modern tire size fits my vehicle” as well.

There was no question, just a statement

We know, so many people post and want us to play twenty questions with them. Has been more than 24 hours and still no response from Gary Ninzeheltzer.


Tirerack doesn’t seem to back that far for your vehicle. This site does, and it shows the available metric sizes:

what exactly does op want . . . ?!

Does he want us to recommend a brand . . . ?!

Well, here goes . . . BF Goodrich

I’m saying that because that’s what our city’s Park Rangers demand . . . and they take their vehicles off road all the time

I can report good results on my truck for the Michelin Defender LTX tire. It’s a very tough tire. The OP’s truck is used as a snow plough though, and the LTX I’m using doesn’t have aggressive enough tread pattern for that. But maybe there’s an LTX version with a more aggressive tread pattern. I think the tire I have is a 225/75R15 .