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Full Size Spare Size Diff

I have a 07 Jeep Compass Sport W/4x4. I plan on changing the tires from the 215/60/17 to 215/65/17. The full size spare will remain a 215/60/17.

My question, if i should have to use the 60 spare, while i have (3) 65’s on the vehicle, will i screw up the drive train?

If the 4wd is full time yes. Also if you have mechanical limited slip you can burn up a differential.

Why do you want to change the recommended tire size?

I agree with missileman. The difference is virtually nil. Why are you changing? To get cool looking RWL’s? Cause it sure won’t change the handling. The Jeep handles like a well tuned brick to begin with. And the new size will have a 3.12% larger circumference which will throw off your speedo and odometer. It may also start throwing codes for gear ratio mis-matches in all gears.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

As to why I wanted to change tire size, it’s just kind of a pain to find 215/60/17 but 65’s seem very common (locally). I realized the size difference would throw off the Speedo by 2mph. But seeing how i don’t really want to buy 5 tires, or wreck the vehicles differential when i use the spare, i think i’ll just order the 60’s and wait.