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1969 Ford F100 Explorer (rare)?

Okay, before we have a frenzy of comments about how not rare it is, let me explain.

I am inheriting a 1969 Ford F100 Explorer from my dad that he purchased brand new in '69. He wanted a camper and a truck that would carry it. According to him, ( i repeat, “according to him”) he said that in 69 you had to special order the Chevy trucks with the camper suspension. Ford came out with it as standard on some models. The more pieces of story I put together, the more the story in head makes sense.

The truck was originally sold for $3,900. my dad bought it cash for $2,700. His salesman was actually on his way out, he was quiting so he thought he’d stick it to his boss. My dad had to bring the truck back for i think a saddle gas tank. The owner walked by and remarked, “So, you’re the one that stole that truck from me.”

I am now wondering if this truck was a special order that never was picked up. My dad said that 69 was the introduction of the Explorer model and that it was supposed to be top of the line. (if so, wouldn’t it have A/C, PWR steering?..) I have not seen another Explorer, ever. Only the Rangers and Customs. Also, the wheel covers I cannot find. I have 1 of 4. I am going to restore this truck to like original condition. I have a hard time finding stuff like the wheel covers, seat patterns, etc.

Could this model of truck be rare? I know it’s nothing special, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me.

I am really thinking it was a special ordered truck.

Here are some of the known specs:

1969 Ford F100 Explorer

360 ci V8 4bbl carb

C6 tranny (?)

Tuscon Gold paint

Camper suspension

Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to find out all I can on this year model/make.



I remember going shopping with my first wife’s father (both of whom are now deceased) back in 1969. I do remember seeing an F-100 Explorere and the Explorer was the top of the line trim level. I do remember that the Explorer had a bed light and a luxurious interior for a truck.

I am almost certain that automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning and probably a radio (at least an AM/FM radio) were options on any Ford pickup truck. A lot of the Ford F-100 trucks did have the 360 V-8, but this was an option. The standard engine was an inline 6. I don’t remember if this 6 was 240 cubic inches or 300 cubic inches. I do know that the 240 was the standard engine in 1965 but a 300 cubic inch 6 could be had as well as several optional V-8 engines.

Back in 1969, pickup trucks were “work trucks” for the most part. The Explorer series was not that popular.

Around 1973 Ford introduced the F-150 series in addition to the F-100. The reason, I’ve been told, was that at the time, the F-150 was heavy enough not to require unleaded fuel, while the F-100 was light enough that unleaded fuel had to be used by government regulation.

As I remember, the F-100 Explorer my father-in-law checked out was a fleetside (not a fender side) model with a short bed (6 1/2 feet) as opposed to a long bed (8 feet). He did purchase a 1969 Ford F-100 that was not the Explorer model with the 302 V-8 engine and a three speed manual transmission with the Borg-Warner overdrive and the short, fleetside bed. It was a great truck and even though it wasn’t the Explorer model, the interior was more luxurious than my 1965 Rambler Classic 550.

I think I remember owning a 74 Explorer. It was two wheel drive and kind of high. It had some white stripes along the bottom and chrome rails on top of the bed.

awesome! thanks so much for your response!!!

I owned a 1969 F100 Explorer. Bought it brand new in July of 1970. It had a three speed with the 302 and overdrive. Very nice truck. It did not come with A/C and did not have power steering. Back then trucks were basically trucks. I now own a F350 Super Duty King Ranch. What a difference. I think I saw some wheel covers so I will give you the link. Wheel Covers

I don’t recall when factory AC was first offered on Ford trucks and it may have been in the 1970s. My old truck manuals from the 60s have no information on AC at all. I have owned several Fords from the 60s and those with AC were hang on units.

For restoration parts try Dennis Carpenter Co.
They make new production of old year model parts from the original casts and dies Ford used. They also have reproduction type parts. 800-476-9653

Restore this for the pleasure it gives you. Don’t expect to get a lot of your money back. It may be rare, in that few were made, but that doesn’t mean it’s unusually valuable, except to you, and that’s fine. You can get an idea on value by looking at ebay motors under ‘completed listings’ for 1969 F100s. Should be a good number to look at.

I agree 100% with Texases.

And while the option package may have been rare, they made gazillions of the basic truck. The aftermarket parts suppliers abound with replacement sheetmetal. You should have no problem finding fix-up parts.

I have a 1969 explorer (Lunar Green with black roof). it does not have a radio, or bed light. Came with a 240 and c4. Never seen another one.

If it is money you want to make, try something other than a restoration on this ride.

You probably have just a good a chance to make money in Vegas as you would with a restoration. In Vegas you will at least know the results quickly rather than investing your labor and money over a long period before you even have an inkling whether it will be done at a profit or a loss.

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