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1972 Ford pickup sell or hold

I have a1972 Ford Explorer model truck. It was originally an Arizona truck that I bought in 1990. It sits in my side lot in upstate NY and is starting to wear away in the elements. I do not have a garage for this vehicle. It runs OK, but the transmission is now slipping. Should I try and save this vehicle or let it go.

Unless some movie star drove it in some popular movie I can’t see it going up in value, why would it?

I would sell.

I recently sold a 1965 GMC that my father had in 1973 and I took over in 1983, got to be I never drove it anymore and my 2004 F-150 got better mileage and actualy had heat and A/C, imagine that. I drove that GMC to Wisconsin at the beginning of the month of March. It took me 5 days because it was so cold I had to stop and get a room every night.I only got 1750.00 for the GMC.

You seem to be using it. If you have a need for it, why not just keep it and use it until it dies. It has no special value.