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1966 ranchero price

I am looking at buying a 1966 ranchero. I am wondering about the price that would be fair-ish.

about it:


Pro done red paint/bodywork

built 351w/4sp toploader

ladder bar setup, locker 9"

craiger ss rims


has sat in the driveway for 7 years or so, and is quite green now.

needs an interior (seat, panels, carpet)

rims are starting to pit.

The owner said that if he got it cleaned up and running, he would want 5k for it.

however, wants and worth are two different things. What would be a ‘good deal’ for a buyer in the cars non running condition?

Just FYI I have done all the gas tank pulling, clean up and other goodies before on other cars, so I know how to do all of the things that need doing on this car.

These Falcon based trucks don’t have the interest the Torino models do…

What’s it worth?? Whatever someone is willing to pay for it…


Good luck.

After sitting for seven years it might be worth $500. Maybe.

But $5K? No way.

Got a picture of it you can post?

No, sadly. It looks very nice. It looks exactly like this car only dirty:,r:12,s:0&biw=1419&bih=635

Same taillights even.
It had all the rust repaired with proper steel patches and it has a great body. I live in washington state, so the new rust (or even old rust) is not that bad of an issue.
that said it needs cleaning up, Probably brake work, and things polished up. (and an interioer kit).

My problem - ‘non-running’ could mean all kinds of problems, from simple (cheap) to complex (expensive). Without giving it a thorough exam I don’t know how to put a price on it. He’s wanting you to take the risk of getting it running.

It ‘ran when parked’

I talked to the guy last summer and he sasid he parked it after the kids went away to college. He just kina lost interest in it or something.

Assuming that it will run after elbow grese what is your thought on price. It’s no 70 chevelle 454, but it’s no geo metro either. I just don’t want to overpay becasue someone made a bad choice in putting too much into a car.

“No, sadly. It looks very nice. It looks exactly like this car only dirty”

Sorry, but after sitting outside for 7 years, it does NOT look “exactly” like the one you posted except in your mind…But if you want it bad enough, you will pay the mans price…Only when it’s sitting in YOUR driveway will the reality of the situation hit you…

Sir, I have owned 11 classic cars and trucks.
Don’t lecture me on the ‘reality’ of owning rust/bondobuckets.
I do know what I speak of when I specify conditon, and I expect you to understand that given the information that you can deduce how much it has detiriorated over the years.
I simply need help on the value of this model, esp in this current economy.

Follow the three currently being auctioned on eBay and that should answer your question…

Using eBays advanced search feature, you can check the completed auctions of similar cars and see what they actually sold for or did not sell for…Hemmings Motor News is another source for establishing the value of old cars…

Just because a car is old does not mean it’s a “Classic”…It just means they are old. New, those Falcon Rancheros sold for around $2500 and were considered a joke, not a “Classic”. I mean, that same year, for another $500, you could have bought a SS-396 El Camino…Now there is a “Classic”. I know, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

running, I’d give him about half of what he’s wanting.

Well, I’m still laughing, so at least they were a good joke :wink:

I had a '68 el-camino before, and that’s why I am buying a ranchero.

thanks for the info!