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Is this too much rust to consider to buy? 1966 Ford Fairlaine

Its very hard to tell from your picture but it seems like its in pretty good condition.Things to check are the condition of the brake and fuel lines.I would consider putting an undercoat to protect the floor pan, sandblast the frame area and put a couple of coats of POR 15 rust paint over it.

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Thank you for you quick reply. Will you please check out these photos.

Did you take pics?
We can’t assume you inspected car. Maybe the seller provided pics. How far is car from you? 10 miles or 1000? What state is car in

Really , a inspection by someone who can actually see and touch this vehicle is the only way to get an accurate assessment. You only see 1/3 of rust .

These are the dealership photos. We’re going there next weekend. I know I should look for rust, but am unsure to what extent is too much or OK. The dealership is like 2 and a half hours from me so I don’t know any local mechanics there. I’m just trying to get an idea is this looks reasonable or not. I really appreciate all of the input.

frame rust is most important to inspect for. The rear frame over the axle is a bad spot as crud collects there. The area behind front wheel usually pinches in to sneak around front suspension area and that curve is also critical. Again, what state are you in? Rust belt? A rust free car in Michigan or NY is wishful thinking.
Watch a few episodes of Phantom works tv show. Rust repair is the #1 topic
The show with the 65 impala is good. They got a NY car and replaced the entire frame.

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I think you should at least take the photos to a local body shop and pay a small fee and let them look at them. Of course they will have a guess based on experience. Second use Google to find a body shop in the city where the vehicle is and see what they would charge to go make an inspection. You might even save a trip that way.

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Sorry in NC. And Volvo_v70 thanks for the good ideas. I never bought a used car before. My son really wants it and I’m trying to do my due diligence.

How old is this son you are going to put in a 42 year old vehicle that has almost zero safety features ? If we are talking about a newish driver this is a terrible idea.


If your son wants to use this car as a daily driver, that is not a good idea. It’s over 50 years old, and anything that old would make a poor commuter car, even if just for going to school. It needs a new muffler. It looks like the rear shocks are old, and you should probably replace them too. The rear leaf springs seem to be intact, and maybe the rust is topical. If you are still interested, take a wire brush and use it to abrade any area you have questions about under the car. Find a shop near the dealer using the Mechanics Files button at the top of this page.

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If I could get this vehicle for the price of a project car, I would take a look at it, but for the price of a ready to go car, I’ll stay at home and let somebody else get involved in that restoration project. As far as I can see in the pics, there is only one colour - rust red. not good.

Thanks for all the input. Its really appreciated!

It’s listed for under 8K. Everything else looks really good from the pics. We still have to go there to get a good look at it. The rust really through me off.

May I ask why it wouldn’t be a good commuter car. He doesn’t drive too far- just to school and friends/family.

I’m not in USA so I can’t say if the price is fair for a restoration project, You’ll need to check the internet or some qualified sources. If it turns out that a restoration project starts at - say - 4k, I’ll stand by that amount, deducting/adding for other good/bad things. For me, that car has to be turned upside down to get rid of all that rust and that will be no mean feat and a welder might be called upon.
Move forward without Your wallet in Your hand :wink:

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mom is going to buy junior an $8k car of his choice?
and he does not want a 2010 civic? with air bags, a/c, abs brakes, modern stuff?
i have no idea of your situation. maybe you are wealthy. maybe average?
he has a license now? what is he driving now? his car or your car?
i cannot believe he could drive your 2015 volvo/mercedes and than not reconsider after driving a 66 fairlane? they are a piece of junk. maybe you really want to punish him?

Doesn’t matter. This is NOT a daily driver as others have said. A 1966 car will take constant repair compared to a modern car. It can be made more reliable (but still less than a modern car) IF you have lots of money or are an experienced DIY mechanic. As for the safety… 4 wheel DRUM brakes, no split braking system (one brake line fails, EVERYthing fails to no brakes) limited handling, metal (painfully HARD) interior parts, no 3 point seatbelts and maybe not even lap belts, no airbags, not sure but may not have a collapsible steering column, poor fuel mileage, poor heat, no AC, not even an FM radio let alone Bluetooth.

My first car was very similar to this one and I would not drive one myself today without many updates. I won’t bother talking about rust since what you want to do with this car is not a good idea!