1966 Ford F100 Issue


My son’s 1966 Ford F100 with a 6 cylinder engine idles fine and revs ok when not in gear. As soon as it’s put in gear and the gas pedal pushed to move, it stalls. Any suggestions ??

Thanks !


Let us start with a basic tune up. Plugs, Points, timing, dwell angle, air and fuel filter and go on from there, tell us more so we can help you more.

Look down the throat of the carburetor with a flashlight and pump the throttle to see if the accelerator pump is operating…Check the bolts and studs that secure the intake manifold to be sure they are tight. Make sure there are no vacuum leaks.

Thanks waterboy, and Caddyman for your input. Well, he’s done the points/plugs/wires and timing. I mentioned the “check the bolts and studs and accelerator pump”… and he’s going to do that tomorrow. So we’ll see. It’s actually a nice little jalopy for it’s age…, but right now… “all show and no go” :slight_smile: Thanks again for the advice, gents.

I could suggest checking the points with a dwell meter, then adjusting timing. Did he use a feeler gauge? and is he familiar with setting points with one? My first guess is a points, timing issue. Just to recap if needed in setting point gap with a feeler gauge the cam needs to be opening the points to the maximum and the feeler gauge should feel just the slightest of drag. It is also necessary in many cars to disconnect and plug the vacuum tube for the vacuum advance when setting timing.

does it fall on its face are die when you give it the gas?

It idles and revs fine when in neutral, and it idles fine when put in “drive”, but as soon as he hits the gas to move… it stalls.

as an addition to the suggestions already recieved, check the accelerator pump for proper function.

Prop the choke open, look down the carburator with a flashlight, and manually move the accelerator linkage (turn the throttle plate shaft). You should see a spray of gas. If you do not, the acceleator pump needs repairing.

Some are diaphragms, some are little piston-pumps. I don’t know which yours is.

Maybe we are looking in wrong place. Could the transmission or the differential be locked up? I suppose even the brakes could be locked up. Can you roll the truck forward or backward?

which one is it Auto or standard 3 or 4spd transmission?

The carburetor rebuild kit will have instructions for setting the float level. Some carburetors won’t let fuel get to the accelerator pump if the float level is too low. Check all vacuum lines for cracks on the ends. See if the vacuum advance is working, not just holding vacuum.

Make sure the plug wires go to the right plugs. Make sure you have a choke stove pipe or tube in place. If the original air cleaner assembly isn’t there, the system is incomplete. probably missing.