My 62 Caddy



My car idles fine (most of the time). It takes a while to get warmed up. At a stop light it idles fine, but when I start to take off it seems to hesitate (sometimes stalls) and then seems to get the fuel it wants, then takes off fine. I have done the normal tune-ups, plugs, wires, distributor cap, ect. Not sure what the problem is??? Please help


The problem might be with the accelerator pump in the carburator. This is what gives the extra squirt of gas into the engine when accelerating. If the accelerator pump is worn or leaking the engine will stumble or stall when accelerating.



In addition to the accel. pump on the carb check the the vacuum advance on the distributor. If the diaphragm has a leak it will cause hesitation. The vacuum advance looks something like this:

Both of my Buick Skylarks, 69 and 71, benefited from advancing the timing a few degrees past the factory recommendation.

Ed B.


I agree with the accelerator pump diagnosis. If the carburetor has never been rebuilt, it may be time. Good luck finding someone that actually understands carbs in this day and age and doesn’t think you’re talking about the Adkins diet.

On an old car like this, you can probably safely turn the timing up until you start getting some spark knock on acceleration… Then back it off a few degrees until it goes away.


Both the carb and timing advance could be causes. The timing advance is easy to check if you have a timing light. Put the light on the timing makes a idle and goose the throttle a bit to rev it up. The timing marks should quickly jump to advanced numbers. If the timing doesn’t jump then the distributer could be sticking and the vacuum advance not working.

If the timing checks ok then time to dig into the carb.


If none of the above help then fresh gasoline might help if yours is a little old.


Some cars used to stall or lose power if the hot air pipe to the air cleaner was left off. The loss of power happens when the choke opens fully.