1896 towncar springs

Does anyone happen to know if the original springs are constant or variable. What is the best replacement? Thank you.

Look at the spring. If the coil spacing across the length of the spring is the same, they’re constant force springs. If the coil spacing gets closer towards the bottom of the spring, they’re variable force springs. Any good auto parts store can supply replacement springs.


Your local blacksmith should be able to tell you.

Or, perhaps Ye Olde J.C. Whitney catalogue!

I know the Town Car has been around for a while, but I had no idea they were this old.

Ask at the links below and it is likely that you will find someone that knows details about the springs. Be prepared to give specific information about what particular form of the Town Car you have. There may be different springs for a touring sedan or whatever they call them. I am pretty sure that the original rear springs were air springs and they would be superbly progressive. The front coils, I don’t know.