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18-year old Pathfinder - How does it compare to new?

I’ve had my pathfinder for 18 years. It runs and looks like a dream. What do you think of the new pathfinders? Mine is 2001 and I love this vehicle. Only put $4,000 in all those years.

I’m not a huge fan of the new generation of Pathfinder having driven it a few times. If you were looking for a comparable new vehicle with a similar type of vibe you may prefer the Toyota 4Runner. Or maybe wait for the next Ford Bronco. Here’s what one reviewer thought of the 2017 Pathfinder at one of our partner publications. Rather than look at a 5-passenger SUV, I’d point most folks toward a two-row crossover like the Rogue.

The new Pathfinders are completely different vehicles.

Yours is the second generation Pathfinder. That generation went to Unibody. The third gen went back to body-on-frame, and now back to unibody.

Besides both being a unibody construction - that’s where the similarities end. Yours is a rwd and true 4wd system with a forward facing V6. The new one is FWD/AWD with a transverse mounted engine mated to a CVT tranny.

I owned a 90 and 98 Pathfinder…Both excellent/reliable vehicles. I looked at the new Pathfinder…It compares to the Toyota Highlander. Earlier pathfinders were more like the Toyota 4Runner. They really should have renamed the Pathfinder. It’s not even close to what it was.

The only mid-size SUV you can buy today like your Pathfinder is the 4runner. I use to own an 05 4Runner. Great/reliable vehicle.


Thank you so much!

Toni I Hauch

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Did not know the Pathfinder was unibody until recent models. I guess because it didn’t “look” unibody…if that makes sense. The latest generation looks unibody, or looks like it wouldn’t have a body on frame design. Learn something new every day.

Strange that they went unibody, back to a frame, then unibody again.

First Generation was Body-on-frame
Second Generation was Unibody
Third Generation was Body-on-Frame

The 4th generation was unibody, but completely redesigned. More of a car then a truck.

The second generation was unibody but it was more truck-like. Basically equivalent to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.