2011 Lexus RX 350 Platform

Someone told me that the new Lexus RX 350 is no longer on the Toyota Camry platform but is now on the 4Runner platform. Is that true? Thanks. Steve

I really doubt it.

Since the Lexus GX SUV is built on the 4Runner platform, and is a very different vehicle than the RX Crossovers, it is very unlikely that the RX and the GX are both built on the same platform.

The GX and the 4Runner both have permanent 4WD, and are excellent off-road vehicles.

The RX has always been a luxury version of the Toyota Highlander, albeit with a very different body style.
The RX and the Highlander are both available with either FWD or AWD, and are not really intended for off-road use, and as a result, I believe that the RX models are still built on the Highlander platform.

That “someone” is confused, I believe.

Not true, the 4Runner’s an entirely different platform, which they use for the GX 470, not the RX.

4runner is body on frame…the Lexus RX is a unibody.

The way SUV’s are being designed nowadays I would think that chances are higher that the 4runner is being built on the Avalon platform…

NO…The 4-runner is still Body on Frame…The Avalon is built on the Camry platform…along with the Lexus ES-350…and the highlander…But the 4runner/Tundra and FJ all share the same body on frame platform.

Some SUV’s like the Grand Cherokee is a unibody. Nissan’s pathfinder was body on frame then in 96 went to unibody…then in 01 or 02 went back to body on frame.

I will admit that many of the cross-overs and smaller SUV’s are unibody…

One other recent switch is the Ford Explorer, now built on the Edge unibody platform, I think.

If the new RX 350 were placed on the same platform as the 4th generation 4 Runner and the GX, it would indeed be a poor decision. The GX has been an unaccepted on road handling vehicle from CR and was only recently and marginally reinstated with a soft ware change. Unless you want to spend your time putting a very expensive vehicle at risk off roading, avoid the GX, and the RX if it were true…which as everyone has stated is not.

Toyota’s efforts trying to be more specialized with the 4 Runner/GX may be a way of being the loan survivor in that off road market, especially with the constant threat of the loss of the FJ. The third gen. 4Runner just took a lot of Highlander sales over…it was too much of a “jack of all trades” with it’s very reasonable price, plethora of standard luxury features, superb off road capability, and quite decent ride and handling. It took sales from too much of their product lines. They raised it’s performance level slightly in one area, to compromise it in so many others. It can’t even do HD towing w/o the v8 it used to optionally have. I tried out a 4 th gen. 4Runner and for most people’s use, it appears to be a huge step backwards.

IMO, it was a marketing decision that ended in a consumer loss and the loss of one of the best all round vehicles ever made. Since the 4th generations came out, I’m taking much better care of my 3rd.
Maybe “Triedaq” will agree.

So that’s how they’re gonna get away with the 2L turbo engine in it, somewhat smaller body. Didn’t think as big and bloated as the Explorer has become that a 2L turbo 4 would really make it go worth a crap.

Since the 4th generations came out, I’m taking much better care of my 3rd.
Maybe “Triedaq” will agree.

Mrs. Triedaq is the 4Runner expert and she doesn’t like the 4th generation 4Runner at all. She drives our 3rd generation 4Runner and she keeps it looking like it just came out of the showroom. When we purchased a Toyota Sienna in March, she looked at the new 4Runners and told the salesperson she would keep her present 4Runner. We really like the 3rd generation 4Runner. If I didn’t need a minivan to carry people and musical instruments, I would try to find a 3rd generation 4Runner for myself.

I LOVE my 4th gen 4runner…Great vehicle…and suits our family perfectly. Very few people if any buy a 4runner for heavy duty towing…The 4.0 has plenty of torque to tow 5000lbs. I know of no mid-size SUV that can tow more then 5000lbs. Handling is excellent…I haven’t had any problems taking my 4runner up and down some dirt/muddy mountain trails.

Correction…I have the really fine 4 gen 4Runner too. It’s the 5th (2010-2011) generation I had issues with. Sorry about the mistake…a big ooops to you and “Triedaq”. I’ll blame it on old age, I can do that can’t I ?

I guess our 4Runner is the 4th generation. It is a 2003 and it was a new version that year. Whatever generation it is, the 4Runners looked almost the same until the 2010 model.


I haven’t looked at the new 4runners yet…Only have 162k miles on my 05. Won’t start looking for at least 4 years. By then who knows…Toyota may change things again.