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17Accord V6 sluggish since fuel pump software update

Per the following recall;

Safety Recall: 2015-17 Accord V6 Fuel Pump

Work was accomplished last fall, physical inspection of the fuel pump was satisfactory but the dealer performed the remedial software update - I thought maybe it was my imagination but since this work the car does not accelerate the same as it did before - feels underpowered and will downshift while accelerating to keep up, if I need power I really have to put my foot down.
To quote another user from an Accord message board:

| I’ve had the update for 3 days now and I definitely do notice that the shiftpoints have definitely changed, and the car feels more sluggish (like it has less available power, or i need to press the gas pedal further to get the same effect).

Might just be in my head though. In the IT World you wouldn’t release a firmware update without a detailed changelog. Wish the same was true for car firmware. |

So that’s what I’ve noticed in a nut shell - has anyone else noticed this and is there anything I can do about it? Reversing the update, if that was even possible would probably defeat the purpose of the recall fix in the first place.

On a side note I have VCM Tuner installed and it made the world of difference on this engine.


Could be an incompatabilty between your tuner and whatever fix they installed .

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I suppose that could indeed happen with an ECM software update that affected the fuel system. When you accelerate rapidly that’s when the fuel must be supplied at the maximum rate, and maybe that maximum rate of fuel delivery was lowered slightly by the software change. The problem seems to be that the fuel pump can be damaged under certain combinations of driving style and fuel types, and the software update may have lowered the maximum fuel supply rate spec to protect the fuel pump. I think the best path at this point is to ask your dealership if they can return the software version to the same as it was before. They may not be able to do that though, either b/c its impossible for them to know the prior software configuration, or that gov’t regulations re emissions require the updated software version be used. Just a consequence of computerizing cars I guess.