Sluggish acceleration - 2017 Honda Accord

Bought new 2017 Honda V6 due to having sluggish transmission with my 2014 4 CL. Now I am having the exact same problem with the 2017. Sluggish on take off and when trying to accelerate. Got a recall on this year, make and model for this issue due to possibility of problems with fuel pump. I took my car in this morning and was told that unless they could recreate this issue they could not replace the fuel pump, which they clearly stated in the recall that they would if the scan showed any problems. I was told that the technician could not recreate the issue nor did the scan show any problems. I know there is a problem. Honda knows there is a problem, otherwise they would not have issued a recall. I drive this car every day and I know what it is doing. I have less than 20000 miles on this car. I guess they want me to wait until I am involved in a collision, then report the problem. I will never purchase another Honda and I have had five including this one. Always been very satisfied with Honda until now. My word should have been good enough. Poor service.

Fuel pump has nothing to do with transmission.

I understand that. The recall is related to the fuel pump which could cause sluggish take offs. I was just stating that I had issues with the 2014 Honda and got away from it because of that.

Some CVT’s can be sluggish on takeoff if you have a cvt in it .

If there’s a recall for fuel pump, it’s a safety issue, and Honda has to honor that recall.

Forget the other problems for now.