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'10 Audi A5 - MMI Oil level indicator problem



I have a new A5 2.0T. It has 1,400 miles on it and I noticed that the oil level on the MMI had come down close to the minimum level. I read in the owner’s manual that if it came down you should add .5 liters of oil, wait 2 minutes and then check the MMI again to see that it has increased.

I added the specified amount and waited 2 minutes, but the Oil Level indicator is saying the following:

“There is currently no information on the oil level available.”

Has anyone seen this? I am expecting a trip to the dealer, but thought I would ask.

I am not sure I am crazy about Audi doing away with the dipstick.

Thanks in advance,


Disregard this message. It reset itself. It took a little longer 2 minutes, but is ok now.

I have a 2010 A5. At about 2000 miles I started having the same problem. I took it in to Audi and they topped off the oil. Not a month later it started happening again so I took it back in. This time they said it was a bad sensor. They fixed it and everyhting was fine. Now at 10000 miles and not a week after taking it in to get detailed and having fluids checked, I’m getting the low oil warning again. I will take it in tomorrow to see to see what is going on now.