Car dies while driving

my car (honda civic 98 LX) has been dying while I am driving (either 65mph on highway or idling at red light). No engine light comes on and it cranks right back up. Mechanics cannot figure it out! help

Try different mechanics.

It could be a loss of spark due to a failing coil, a failing battery, a failing alternator, a failing corrded connection, and a dozen other failing things. It could be a loss of fuel due to a weak fuel pump, a bad fuel pressure regulator, a plugged filter, or a saturated charcoal canister (if the tank can’t breath in it’ll create a vacuum in the void that will prevent the pump from maintaining fuel pressure).

The Honda guys here also often suggest a main relay under the dash of some Hondas that often fails. Perhaps one of them can provide details.

Your car also has an OBDII system and should have stored some codes. Perhaps the guy you took it to was unable to read them.

thank you!

The parts inside the distributor which cause the spark plugs to spark often cause this type of stalling on Honda’s. You can go to this Web site and print out this information for your mechanic(s):

Guess what i just found, a recall for my car’s ignition switch!!

That was a good search! Ok. Get the Honda dealer to change the ignition switch. That one contact inside the ignition switch carries too much current. To reduce the current going through the switch at switch-on, turn off all the accessories, such as the blower fan, radio, etc. Less current, less contact burning.
If it still stalls, keep the distributor in mind as first suspect.