‘1 Killed and 13 Injured in “Intentional” Truck Crash Into Building in Texas‘

‘ A man stole a semitrailer in Texas on Friday and, after a police pursuit, crashed it into a state government office where he had been denied a commercial driver’s license the day before’ - proving he didn’t deserve one.

Here it is for those that don’t want to pay to read it or have to jump through hoops in order to read it…

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News said he was denied truck license renewal at office the day prior. I hope he gets a ticket after all is said and done.

1 Killed… Premeditated murder… in Texas… That is a ticket to the gas chamber! :skull:


Anyone know reason denied?

I would tell him that the denial was a “clerical error” and that he would have gotten it.

Is there a growing lack of resilliance to disappointment developing?

I hypothesize that the common unhappiness in the US and many European countries is the loss of personal agency as the economy and society organize on an ever-larger scale and with ever-greater sophistication (which was necessary to grow to a larger scale). People take it out on government even though business has grown larger and less-responsive.

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I keep thinking if terrorists really wanted to piss people of they could do a truck jacknife and close down a major highway.

Good point. As an example, this unhappy event happened on a one of my recent nat’l chain hardware store visits to purchase a product. I’d already checked their internet sit and verified the particular store locations had 8 in stock. But when I got to the aisle, I could see none on the shelves. . So I asked the staff member no 1 for assistance:

Me: I’m looking for this item (showing them a photo w/ the product ID number). Your website says this store has 8 in stock. But I can’t see any on the shelf.
Staff 1: I don’t trust the inventory system when it says “less (sic) than 8”.
Me: Could you check the inventory system yourself?
Staff 1; I could, but I don’t trust it.
Me: Maybe you have it, but it is stored on the higher shelves ( besides the ground level shelf, there is one i about 8 feet high, the other is 10 feet high, both unreachable from the ground)
Staff 1: (Looking from the ground) I don’t see it up there.
Me: You might not be able to see it without a ladder.
Staff 1: Ignores what I said, continues to look from ground.
Me: Do you see that ladder halfway down the aisle? What if you wheeled it down here and used it to look carefully at the top shelves?
Staff 1: I don’t trust the inventory system … (and walks away)

Me: (Decide to try at the “place an order” section of the store)
Me: I’d like to order this item.
Staff 2: The inventory system says we have 8 in stock.
Me: I and a staff member were looking for one, but couldn’t find it on the shelf. I’d like you to order one, then phone me when it comes in or you find it.
Staff 2: Sorry, we cannot order an item that is already in the store.

Me (back at the shelf): Could you climb that ladder and look for this item on the two shelves above?
Staff 3: You have to have eagle eyes
Me: But could you climb the ladder and look?
Staff 3: You have to have eagle eyes
Me: See that ladder? Why not wheel it down here and look?
Staff 3: (Finally capitulates and climbs ladder, finds product after 45 seconds of searching on top shelf)
Me: sigh!


Some people don’t like heights, even lower ones like the 20 ft ladder in the store. I would have climbed the ladder myself after finding the store employees unresponsive.

It’s a good idea for a work-a-round, but at this store — and I expect most stores — customers are not allowed to climb the store’s ladders. Customer could well be expelled from the store if they climbed the ladder.

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I’m probably not allowed to but I do it anyway if no one is around to help or is unwilling to help.

I have also done it–in exasperation–when there were no employees around to help.
So far, I haven’t been exiled from any stores, but I will be sure to update the forum’s members if that does happen.

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I have sat on the roll around ladder in the big box hardware stores waiting on help for something, it normally gets there attention… lol

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If there’s no one around to see you break the rules, they can’t toss you out.

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Unless there are cameras everywhere.

They might put a person in jail for climbing a ladder but not for theft.

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One customer strategy might be to climb 1/4 way up the ladder and just wait, hope the security staff sees you on their cameras. Then at least you’ll have someone from the staff come out to your aisle , then you can ask them to help you … lol .

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And then get the age old line “sorry, not my department “.


I’m beginning to get the impression I’m not the only one to have had this experience … lol …

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