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A fatal hit & run, following 30 license suspensions

…and this woman is sentenced to probation?
This judge has rocks in his head!

“The sentence, imposed Thursday by Camden County Superior Court Judge Edward McBride Jr, also stipulates 20 years in prison should Hyland violate the terms of her probation.” No, she does not deserve to be on probation. She was driving without a license, has lost said license 30 friggen times, tried to flee, has a drug abuse history,and, above all, she killed someone!!! Throw the book at her…she doesn’t deserve to be out of jail :rage:

(granted based on her past, odds are she’ll probably violate her probation anyway, but still…I think she’s run out of get out of jail free cards)

Just another example of simply having laws on the books not solving the problem.

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It appears from the story that the deceased teen crossed a busy intersection, but there is no indication whether he was at fault or not for the manner in which he crossed the road. It might be reasonable to assume that the judge took that into account when he handed out the sentence.

It seems to me that she should have gotten more than probation given past history and the hit and run offense. We don’t know the stipulations of the probation. They may include never driving again under any circumstances, which would get her off the road assuming she obeys them.

I don’t like beating up judges when I don’t have full information. Certainly the information we have seems to warrant more severe punishment, but the story lacks important details to draw a conclusion from.

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Was she DUI when she hit the boy?

But a few years ago my state’s out gowing governor pardoned a lady who was found guilty of manslaughter for killing 2 doctors while driving the wrong way on I-55 while drunk with a history of drunk driving. Of course her husband had been a generous supporter of Governor Barbour… Imagine that. We get all the justice we can afford in this state.

When are we finally as a society going to get sick of this crap? When will we finally get sick of the rampage that goes on in our streets, the killing of innocent victims, children being left without parents because of pathetic laws and bleeding-heart judges?

I pray that this lady won’t kill again, but if it has to happen let it be the judge that freed her to do so!


This kind of garbage goes on all over the country and not just related to the automotive field.

A couple of years ago a homeowner shot and killed some thug here in OK who was stealing his car in broad daylight. There was instantaneous screaming involving certain areas of the political spectrum.

A look at the thug’s court records showed he had 53 felony convictions over the past 15 years; and that’s convictions. No telling how many crimes he escaped punishment for. Among the 53…
Five auto theft convictions…
A dozen burglary and armed robbery convictions…
Four separate instances of assault and battery upon a police officer, assault and battery with a deadly weapon upon a police officer, resisting arrest, and so on.
That’s just a few of the highlights…

Same goes for a local oil and gas man. Over the past 10 years he’s had about 2 dozen speeding tickets. Some are for as little as 10 over and half a dozen are for 20 and more over the limit. One was 35 over the limit. He still has a license…
Just the cost of doing business. Mail the fine in and move on with your life. When you have milllions of dollars a few hundred here and there for a traffic ticket is barely pocket change.

How about 20 years to life, and no probation . . . ?

I think the judge has it ___ - backwards :poop:

At least the niece called it in

But she shouldn’t have been letting her drive in the first place. If the woman had her license suspended 30 times, chances are the niece was well aware of it, and knew the woman didn’t currently have a valid license. What were THEY thinking?

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The homeowners should be hailed as a hero.

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Even if the pedestrian was at faulty, with her past history it seems like free-on-probation is the wrong verdict for this incident. She needs to be physically prevented from driving a vehicle in some way or another. But folks with alcohol/drug problems affecting their driving, the judge probably sees them every single day. And if he put them all in jail, there’d be no room left in the jail to lock up the bank robbers. People like this lady, it is hard to convince them to change their ways and become better citizens, b/c they don’t really care what you say to them, or what you do to them.

In St. Paul when our truck was stolen, they didn’t even want to investigate but thanked us for calling when we recovered it ourselves. Not considered a high crime anymore but don’t get caught with any pills in your pocket.

Where I live, there’s always a lot of people jaywalking, running across busy streets with fast moving traffic

You should always be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared for people running out into traffic. Apparently, that lady knew the area very well, so she should have anticipated people jaywalking. I’ve avoided a lot of bad situations, by paying close attention to other drivers and pedestrians around me.

But with her state of mind, and lack of morals, she obviously isn’t rational and logical, like we are

I doubt very seriously that woman is going to go very far into her probation period before something else happens.

At some point (not likely…) something needs to be done to officials who let people skate repeatedly. Jail the DAs, parole board members, or judges; whatever needs to be done.

I’ve mentioned the story before, but a friend of mine many years ago was hit head-on at night while he was on his motorcycle. He spent several months in the hospital and almost died.

The guy who hit him was driving a black Lincoln at 10 o’clock at night and both he and the 2 newspaper owners who were with him were all falling down drunk. He was driving east in the west bound lanes of a divided 4 lane with no headlights on.

He refused to submit to a breath test, refused to take a blood test, and refused to surrender his drivers license although a recently enacted law stated that anyone who refuses to submit faces immediate revocation of their drivers license and possible arrest…
He told half a dozen cops to xxxx off and was not arrested, ticketed, or fined.
This guy was a United States District Attorney and claimed at the scene he had “Diplomatic Immunity” and could not be arrested or prosecuted for his actions. Must have worked; he skated.

Exactly. In my state jaywalking and crossing against a red light is not illegal but is at the pedestrians risk, which would make the victim at fault. However. Felony hit and run is a major crime. It seems to me the only logical way to keep the drug addled idiot from driving is long term incarceration. I am sure the niece’s non-existence insurance covered nothing.

Maybe the niece was even drunken than her aunt and didn’t want to drive. We don’t know and can guess anything.

Hopefully, he won’t be immune to a civil trial, I’m pretty sure there will be a pack of personal injury lawyers fighting each other to take on this case on a contingency basis.


Here’s a good one for you. I read this story a few weeks ago.


@ B.L.E. , the case never came anywhere close to going to trial or even depositions. It was settled for 6 figures out of court.

Due to confidentiality agreements the details are not known but it’s rumored through good sources the taxpayers footed the bill for the settlement “because the District Attorney was involved in the performance of his duties in the area”.

Even if the “performance of his duties” involved spending all Saturday afternoon and evening at the country club getting smashed…

The 2 guys with him were brothers who owned the local newspaper and they went on a daily editorial tirade about the people in the area “being ignorant” and “acting like a lynch mob in the Old West”.
Nothing was ever done to the DA even after hundreds of people protested at the court house to have him treated like anyone else would be. The only thing that ever came of it was countless “No comments”.
The only ones on board were the local cops who wanted to jail him but were stopped from doing anything.

A comment following the article referenced another article where police stated it was to late for a drug test because she was arrested 5 hours after the accident. That is total BS.

…and in addition to a blood test for drugs, there is always a hair test. A “hair test” will actually reveal drug usage over a fairly long period of time.