1/8 - 1/4 change. drag times

I am thinking about getting a 1968 f100 that is pretty built up. The guy that is selling it told me that it pulls 7 seconds flat in the 1/8.

It has a well built 390 with a rpm intake carter carb, isky new design ‘sleeper cam’ headers and ported and polished heads. Compund low four speed tranny.

9 inch rear end. (unsure of ratio)

How fast would you estimate a 1/4 time? also I heard something about calculating HP from strip times?

so, what is a reasonable 1/4 time and any guesses at HP?


What’s the speed at the end of the 1/8?

Sadly I don’t know.

Well, cars that do 0-60 mph in 7 seconds have quarter mile times about 15 seconds.

It’s hard to believe that someone runs the truck on a drag strip with a stump pulling 4 speed.

But it won’t take twice as long to get through the quarter mile than from a standing start to 1/8 mile. If it takes half as long, then the quarter mile time would be 10.5 seconds. And that’s almost correct!


You’re right, but that truck does a 10.9 second 1/4 mile? Really? That is FAST, 0-60 in about 4 seconds. One HECK of a truck.

The guy told me that it has enough power to actually pull one of the rear tires off the ground (it’s an f100, so it will twist the rear leaf enough to rip one off the ground). He was going to put a ladder system under it to stop the wheel bounce, but hasn’t got around to it.
He never uses first gear with the compound low, second gear is first, first gear is a towing gear.
He said it will fry the tires @ 30 in ‘first’ gear.

He doesn’t use 1st gear at all.

He may be geared pretty short, all the fun might be over by 1/8 mile…which would make the 1/4 mile time higher. But only one way to really find out…

390 F-100’s are good for smoke shows but that’s about it…Drag races are won or lost in the first 100 feet. It’s a matter of traction…P/u’s don’t have any…

There’s a youtube vid of somebody draggin a CJ5 postal jeep with S.B. Chevy.
Narrow wheelbase, high C.G., plus brick aero made those things scary at 50MPH. Can’t imagine dragging one!

It might help if you shared:

  • how much the seller is asking for the the pickup?
  • how much money you have to maintain and repair it?
  • will you be paying for the repairs/maintenance or will you be doing it yourself?
  • what you’ll be using it for (daily commuter and/or weekend dragstrip?)

These purchases usually turn into expensive hobbies, but I would guess that many of us on this forum lusted to own something similar at one time or another in our lives.

It’s a trade for my worn out 68 elco
Plenty of time and money to keep it burning rubber
all the work is-will be done by me (this is the third pickup of the era for me)
None of the above, its something I can tinker with and take out driving the street a few times a year.
I’ve never had more that 3g’s in any one car I’ve owned (altogether I have had five). It’s a rule of mine to never put more than the car is worth into it. And I have had several very nice cars out of those.

Sounds like a fun toy. Enjoy. It will take some practice making that 1-2 shift quickly, though… (I think the shift lever is marked LO-1-2-3).

I agree with Rod Knox. Go for it. Sounds like you’ll have fun.

Here is a vid of the truck with more specks


I found a video of the truck. it has more info on the engine. http://www.youtube.com/user/redf100

If you’re relying on the 1/8 time for buying it, you might want to see some slips.