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77 ford f250 custom "drag truck"

So I currently just picked up a 77 ford f250 custom 350M and was wanting to drag race it. Is it worth the time? And if so, what are some things I could add to spice it up a bit? I was wanting to do duel headlight intake turbos buuuttt who knows.

Well if that doesn’t prove to be as expensive and time consuming as you would demand there’s always rowing around the world solo.

Drag race it sloooowwwwwllllyyy…

The truck is massively heavy and the engine is kinda small for any kind of real speed if the engine is actually a 351M.

You might bracket race it on a 17 second dial-in. Be kind of a snooze.


The 351M is a boat anchor. It’s not a 351W or 351C, there’s never been much aftermarket for it. In stock form it made all of 150 HP. And there was a known manfactering defect with the block, it was known to crack when the engine was bone stock. Adding forced induction would be pretty dumb IMHO. Also the F-250 being quite heavy would be a poor choice for drag racing truck.

This is basically the opposite of what one would start out with if building a drag truck were the goal.

If you want to make a Ford-based drag truck, I would start out with a pre-98 Ranger. Obtain a 427W stroker. and a built C6 or really beefed up AOD, Add a pair of turbos, tub the back half, etc. and there you are.

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You could mount one of these in the truck bed.


I forgot to mention its 2wd and I thought about it being slow but if you mod them right. And I was planning on lightening the load like take off the box. But I could always just trade the truck and get something different to work on. Good points you brought up.

That’s sexy, what exactly am I looking at :rofl: if only I could drop that much on an engine!

RR Merlin V12 aircraft engine.

How much does that run ya?

If you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it.

A Ford F250 as a drag truck - you can’t be serious !

Way serious! Who else would run a truck in this class? If you’re the only one, you always win! :smile:


How about making it a Bonneville truck?

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Yeah. Hauling borax.

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Never thought of that!

Now your thinking :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yes, a Merlin would work magic for your truck.