1.5L 2007 Honda Fit. AC pulsating


I’ve recently changed the battery on my Honda Fit and now when I run the AC on high it will pulsate or bog down then back up to normal. Any suggestions?


The compressor bearings may be wearing out, binding and loading down the crankshaft.
Man, it sure would be nice to know the year and mileage…

One way or the other you’re going to end up with the car in the shop to get it properly diagnosed and fixed. I’d suggest doing so now, before it binds up, pops the fanbelt, and leaves you stranded. I feel safe in saying that it won’t heal itself.

Did you have your 100K service done (new spark plugs and valve clearances adjusted)?

You can try this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8VfHkMmeZA