Air Conditioner Question, 2009 Honda Fit

I recently purchased a brand new 2009 Honda Fit, base model with the 5spd MT. I have noticed that when using the A/C, the compressor cycles on and off at very frequent intervals (maybe 10-15 sec). So I get cold air for a short time, then warm, just-turned-off-the-ac feeling air, and it repeats. Doesn’t seem like a very good thing for the compressor in the long run, so I figure it is faulty. But I just wanted to check what others thought before I waste a day at the Honda dealer.

I think your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant. Rapid cycling is an indication of this. The car is obviously under warranty, so take it back. If it is low on refrigerant, it probably has a leak. Make certain the dealer’s service department finds it.