2004 Honda Element AC Compressor

I have a 2004 Honda Element and when the AC compressor cycles on it makes a high pitched noise similar to a drive belt slipping. The AC is still cold and the noise is not overwhelming (yet). I know this vehicle has a serpentine belt and that doesn’t appear to be making any noise. The only noise is when the compressor is running.

Is there a belt that drives the compressor (other than the serpentine)? And, is this something that I should get fixed ASAP or can it wait until my next oil change? Meaning, if I wait until the oil change (under 1,800 miles) will hurt anything?

Can you tell if the noise is coming from the compressor area (more or less), or does it seem to be coming from a differrent part of the system?

If the compressor’s getting near failing, then there’s an expensive A/C system repair in your future. Drive it until the compressor fails altogether. Locate the fuse for it so you can disable the system when it does. Once it fails, it’ll rip through the belt pretty quickly. Some people have found ways to install belts that bypass the A/C system, and then ignored that entire system until summer, or available cash to repair was available.

If it’s actually the belt - it could be slipping, even though it may not seem to be - then this is a simple belt/tensioner replacement job.

Thank you chaissos! I don’t know where the compressor is located:-)…I can tell you it does appear to be comming from the right-front side of the engine compartment. Other than that all I know at when it cycles on, I hear the noise. Also, the AC runs seemingly as well as it ever has.

I hope it is just a belt…I live in Florida, so I don’t have much of an option:-). I will just drive it and on my next oil change take it in to my mechanic to have him take look? Fortunately, he is really honest…he has had plenty of opportunity to do unnecessary work on another car and has been honest.

Thank you again…if you any more advice, I am all ears!