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Versa vs Accent vs

I am going to sue Nissan. They clam that the Nissan Versa 1.6 with $9,990 is the lowest msrp. However last time I checked the Hyundai Accent had an MSRP of $9,970. Is that false advertisement? Am I wrong? Are there other cars with under 10,000 msrp? With rebates can?t some cars be even cheaper?

I sued them and was awarded $20. My court fees were $150. Joe Isuzu was my lawyer.

Nissan announced recently and Hyundai one-upped them. Can’t blame Nissan. They are the cheapest MSRPs around.

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Your Actual Damages May Have Been Less Than $20, By 8 to 16 cents! You really cleaned up!

This is a joke–right?

The first question is whether you actually purchased that Versa. Did you buy that car, or is this just a case of “outrage” at what you perceive to be a false statement on the part of Nissan?

Remember that in order to win, you have to prove your damages. If you did not buy the “overpriced” car, then you have no damages, and cannot even bring suit against Nissan. If you did buy it, then your damages are ~$20.

The expression “Get a life” comes to mind here.

Chevrolet has the Aveo, imported from their Korean subsidary, Deawoo, which lists at under $10,000, however, I would not recommend it since it is significantly less well built than the Versa or Accent.

With respect to sueing anyone, read the fine print first; some manufacturers include some charges while others do not. Where I live, so-called destination charges, dealer preparation, are often excluded, giving a phoney price.

Doc–I am willing to bet that the OP did not purchase the Versa, or the Accent, or any other car, thus there is no “fine print” to read. If I am correct, hopefully the OP will understand that he/she has not suffered any damages, and thus, has no case.

Thanks, I think that may be the issue. A little like the guy who bought a Proctor Silex 2 slice toaster, and when he unpacked it at home it read on the top “one slice only”. He’s sueing Proctor Silex.

Hmmm…I think that he had a lot of crust.