'09 Grand Caravan, lug nuts or part of the hubcap?

My '09 Caravan has what looks like lugnuts holding the hubcaps on. Id this true or are they part of the hubcap, with lugnuts under the caps. I don’t want to twist one off if it is. Anyone out there know.

did you look in the owners maneul?

Is that what it looks like? If so, yes, the lug nuts (or, more accurately, 3 of the lug nuts) are holding the hubcap on.

Put a magnet against it. If it sticks, it’s a metal lug nut. It it doesn’t, its a glued on plastic decorative nut.

Thanks to both of you guys. Yes the picture is axactly my hubcap and yes I tried a magnet and it stuck to the lugnuts.

Note the orientation of the valve stem notch. When you put the hubcap back on, install the wheel with two lug nuts where the clips are, pop the hubcap onto the clips, then install the other three lug nuts through the hubcap to secure it.

Big Marc

June 22
did you look in the owners maneul?
Yes I have read the manual but I couldn’t find the answer. I suppose they think an owner is smarter than that.
Marl 9207. since I have never had one off I don’t understand what you are talking about, but I’m sure I will understand when I take a wheel off.

You can see the clips in the picture shadowfax posted. They are in the two cavities opposite one another farthest from the valve stem notch. The other three lack the clips and are what actually holds the hubcap to the wheel once the other three lug nuts are installed. The clips make assembly much easier.

OK I see the 2 clips. Thanks all.