09 Ford Focus... Can't figure out what is going on

Hey guys just got out of the army and took my car from texas to tennessee( about 1000) lately after driving around going to get my Tennessee license i noticed some strange ticks coming from the engine, but it def didn’t do this about a week ago(when I returned from the trip) I checked my trans fluid its pink( more like a faded pink)but it was fine.

It’s an 09 Focus AT
It doesn’t seem like anything loud is coming from the engine, but when i lifted up the hood when I got my house there was some clicking going on not super loud just faint. as if you were clicking your tounge on the top of your mouth telling a dog to come. if this makes sense… it seems like its kind of rough though… Like its not as smooth as it was when I bought it but then that could just be me…

I am uploading a video(my newphew dropped my phone yesterday and the camera has not been the same, I looks as though it was recorderd with a bake potatoe) its kind of hard to make out but you will get the jist

i attached a video of the shifting.
when we got it up to 60 it was at 3500 rpms and pressed the break just a bit then it dropped down to 2000rpms

I didn’t listen to your vdo, the audio on these are rarely informative. First off, you need to figure out if it is coming from the engine or not. Do you hear it at idle with the car parked in the driveway? If you only hear it driving down the road, is it louder on acceleration? Do you hear it when slowing down, in gear? Do you hear it coasting in neutral?

Edit: Be sure to check the engine oil level. Low oil levels can cause this. Did you car sit unused for a long time while you were away on duty, and you have just now started driving it again?

I’m really not sure what the video is for.

I thought we were listening for the clicking sound. Park it, open the hood, start it up and then record.

With the camera waving all over the place and the directional’s going off all the time it hard to understand what we are looking for.

If you only hear the noise while moving…then find a nice level, straight, quiet road to do your video at.

by the way…thank you for your service.


I was unable to confirm the ticking on the video, but the first question is whether the ticking increases and decreases along with the engine rpms or the vehicle speed.

Sincerest thank you for your military service. You can be very, very proud for the rest of your life. Nothing and nobody can take away the honor that you’ve earned.

The only “clicking” that I hear is when the turn signal switch is activated.

If your trans fluid is pink then you have water in your transmission. It should be red, not pink.

‘‘Trunk ajar’’ in messege window.
Check to see that maybe the trunk release solenoid is constantly clicking as if to release itself.

We can’t even figure out what you are asking? Ticking noise from your engine so you checked your TRANSMISSION fluid ???