First service on my F150

Just had the 10k service done at the dealer. Oil change and inspection and now there is a ticking sound from the engine. It was not there when I took it in, even my wife noticed it. Will take it back to the dealer on Monday, but wanted to hear the groups thoughts. 6 cyl non-EcoBoost engine

Is the oil at the correct level? Does your receipt show the required weight of oil?

Step one, check the oil level…

Do you know if the place that changed the oil used the correct weight oil?

Does the ticking occur all the time? Or only when starting up?

Receipt shows the correct grade of oil. Just moved it to a level place to verify the oil level. Oddly, I did not hear the noise this time. Will check oil and drive some today to see if it comes back. Thank you all for the rapid responses.

I ALWAYS double check my oil level before driving off after changing it… and I do my own oil changes!


here’s another question . . . is the oil level too high?

If the oil level is way too high, the oil can get aerated, and the lifters will be noisey

I don’t let the dealership change my oil anymore. They ripped the bottom cover off of a Lincoln MZK and just let it flop around and just recently on my '13 Edge, they nicked my polished rim. I change my own oil now. My F150 ecoboost is a buger to change the filter, but at least I know it’s right, nothing gets tite up and I’m using good oil and filters. Rotating the tires is monotonous, but here again, I know they are done correctly and torqued to factory specs.

Second the idea of checking oil level. I had the oil changed at the dealer and they left it at the low mark…

it’s not uncommon for direct injected engines (gas) to have diesel-like “tick” at idle, particularly when they are cold.

Edit: oops, I know see that the OP has a n/a V6, not the Ecoboost. There goes my idea.

Is the first service, oil change happened at 10k? Maybe this interval is too much. In 10k miles the oil gets ‘dirty’ keeping in suspension all the byproducts of the combustion. This might have cushioned the lifters. Now with fresh oil this extra cushion is gone.
I had older cars that stopped ticking after the fresh oil turned not so fresh.
Although a new engine should not be ticking…
Other idea: maybe the ticking is the actual fireing of the injectors. If the rest of the engine is quiet (as it should be) maybe the most prominent noise is coming from the injectors.