99 chrysler t&c - transponder doesn't work

I bought a 99 T&C about 2 weeks ago. Made sure the dealer gave me two keys so that I could program a handful of spare keys. Got the keys. The in-car programing procedure requires 2 master keys.

The visual and audio signals that indicate the car is in programming mode didn’t come on, but I repeated the procedure several times and the key worked.I proceeded to insert the other three keys and they worked also. IIRC, I could program multiple keys in my GM car. However, the instructions for chrysler says you have to program each key independently with a whole new procedure.

I wasn’t comfortable that my keys were being programmed, because of the lack of appropriate feedback, so I called the dealer and was put through to the service manager who insisted that the keys were programmed if they started the car. He also mentioned a $50 programming fee when I asked if I could bring the keys in to check the programming, so I ended the call.

Went to the local hardware store and bought an unchipped key. It works too. The transponder system is not locking the car. I’m not terribly concerned as long as I am not locked out, but I would like opinions on what is wrong, what parts I would need, and how much it will cost.so I can make a decision on whether to get it fixed. I’m thinking in terms of seeing if I can get a salvaged part.

BTW - the keys, all of them including the transponder keys I got with the car, are a little rough. They act like the dogs in the lock do need a little force to move.