07 Mustang V6 Front End Knock

I have an 07 Mustang v6 convertible with 152k miles. I am readying the car to sell it as I don’t drive it much any more. Its developed a knock noise when I brake on a curve-left road. Definitely front of the car and I think on the passenger side. I’m not sure I want to fix it but definitely want to disclose! Tires are nearly new and good wear patterns. Car doesn’t rattle while driving.

Ideas appreciated.


Fix it , do you think someone will really want pay what it is worth with a braking knock ?

If you can find it you should fix it. The lost value will be greater than the cost of fixing it, always.

I’d look at the stabilizer bar link, 'cause it is cheap and easy. Check all the bolts, bushings and brakes. If nothing pops out, look for contact marks between the spring and the body. As you can see, this isn’t easy as many things can cause noises like this.

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Thank you mustang man. What’s the best method to test / check assuming I need the front end off the ground.

Jack it up and start inspecting. If you don’t know what looks and feels normal, pay someone to do it. This won’t be an easy DIY job unless you are a pretty knowledgable DIYer.

Pay special attention to the rear lower front control arm bushing… the big one.

When you brake the front end of the car goes down and the rear up. Braking when turning left, for the right front wheel, even more pronounced effect. So park the car and ask a helper to push down hard, briefly, on that corner while you look under the car to see what’s making the noise. You might get lucky and spot what’s causing the problem. If you can hear it but can’t tell where it’s coming from use a length of old garden hose as a stethoscope to narrow down the location. It’s almost certainly one of the steering or suspension components that holds the wheel in the correct plane that has developed some play due to a worn bushing or ball joint. Easily resolved, albeit not always inexpensively.

A quick follow up so future seekers have my solution. Replaced the sway bar end links, which resolved the noise.