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Pontiac G6 06 Knock Knock Noise

Pontiac G6 06 Knock Knock
My car is making a knock knock noise from the right front end. It almost sounds like an extension cord plug in end hitting against the wheel well. (Had that happen before with old car’s engine heater, this car doesn’t have one of those) The noise stops when i break, and I only notice it is driving under 25 mph. I looked under and couldn’t see anything hanging or loose. Any ideas??

First check your lug nuts.

Then take it to a good, local, front end/alignment shop to have the front end inspected. This could be a very simple thing - or a very dangerous thing.

Does anyone know if “undefined!!” shows up if the OP leaves the subject blank or something?

Can you support the front end of the car on jack stands and start the engine? You may be able to determine the source of the noise that way if it’s drive-train noise or related. Otherwise it’s probably suspension/brake noise. Even a chunk of gravel in the hubcaps. You can’t fix it until you determine the source.