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07 Jaguar X Type AWD 3.0

I have just purchased this vehicle with only 19k miles. The problem, if there is one is as follows. At about 55 a vibration begins to occur and stays steady as speed increases. Had all of the tires replaced and thrust forced balanced. Yet still this vibration comes in. The car is perfectly smooth before 50. I drove another 07 of the exact same type and it appears that it had the same issue. Can you provide any further information that may alleviate this problem.

I had new tires installed and had vibration at 50 and up. I had my tires balanced again at NTB and the vibration persisted with brand new tires. Went to Big 10 and they balanced them correctly and all was well!

Hi thanks for your reply. But I have had them balanced twice already and it seems this is not going away. I do not have a Big 10 in my area, but perhaps Big O can do a rebalance. Do you have a similar vehicle as mine???