2006 Toyota Highlander AWD with front end vibration / wobble at mid-speed

I purchased a used 2006 Toyota Highlander AWD about 4 months ago. Ever since I bought it, it has had a vibration / wobble from the front end that can be felt through the steering wheel and acceleration petal. Only happens between 40-45 mph. I have brought it to the dealer many times and every time they balance the tires. Last time they said it was a faulty motor mount and replaced it. The problem has not been fixed with this repair. Anyone out there with the same problem? I am looking for what was diagnosed on your vehicle or any ideas. It is scheduled to go in AGAIN so the Toyota supervisor can ride along.

You need to bring this to a reputable independent shop. It could be a defective tire (which won’t necessarily show up on a regular balancing machine), a bent rim, a worn out suspension component (such as a ball joint or tie rod end), or a number of other possibilities.

Unless your used car dealer is exceptional…and I mean REALLY exceptional, he has no motivation to continue pursuing the problem…and no factory warranty account to charge for doing so. He is highly unlikely to go deeply into this.