2013 Jaguar XJ - noticeable vibration

Noticible vibration between 60 and 75 MPH, especially when maintaining low throttle pressure such as driving uphill maintaining 65 mph.

Out of balance tires, tires needing road-force balancing, flat-spotted tires. Start there. Don’t look for a unicorn where a horse is most likely.

Thanks- new tires and balaced (not road force balanced.) Vibration seems constant but really noticeable between 60 and 75, especialy when under light to modderate pressure such as maintaining 65 going up hill. Some guy online has a video in whcih he states wheels are only good for 5 years or so. He had similar issue and new wheels fixed it. Thoughts?

Nonsense !!

Agree… 5 years for wheels is nonsense. Unless of course, you curb hop on a regular basis!

Did this vibration start with the new tires?? If it did, they may not be balanced properly or the tire store bent a wheel.