Pontiac Grand Prix stalls



2000 Pontiac Grand Prix stalls while driving down the road. Takes awhile to re-start. My mechanic is purplexed, thinks could be fuel pump, hesitant to change out cause of price. Is there anything less expensive that could cause the stalling. There are no computer codes registering. Thanks.


Crazy lady; you can’t “pick” your causes for stalling. Since the whole country is in a cold snap we get many questions like yours. In the absence of codes:

  1. You could have a weak battery

  2. Your electrical connections could be dirty or corroded

  3. You could have a worn set of spark plugs

  4. You could have a partially plugged fuel filter

  5. Your fuel pump could be on its last legs

  6. You could have water in your gas; easy to fix, just add “gasline antifreeze”

  7. Your AIR FILTER could be dirty and iced up.

Your mechanic should tell you that he has checked out all these things before telling you it’s the fuel pump.


Thanks for reply. Car started stalling in Sept. here in KS,
during wind storm a good sized limb fell on back window area crushing pretty badly. That was repaired. Afterwards is when the car started stalling. I have done some searching on web related to car stalling in GM cars, quite a few out there!! I remember seeing something about a magnet on front end of car could become out of sync. Could limb falling have been forceful enough to knock magnet out of kilter. I will take list to check with mechanic to see what’s been checked.


A GM vehicle of this year and with this problem the first thing that should be checked is Crankshaft Position sensor. There’s a procedure for testing this sensor to determine if it fails when it gets hot.



Thanks Tester. What is the test to check Crankshaft Position Sensor. What does the crankshaft Position Sensor do.


Thanks for the additional info. I agree with Tester’s advice since a tree falling on a car can dislodge a number of other things. I was rear ended once and the shock pushed the engine forward to where the fan cut into the radiator. Even the insurance company was not surprised by this.


Tester is right! I had the same problem on my 2000 GP GTP. Would hiccup unpredictably making it stall sometimes – didn’t matter if I was stopped at a light or cruising at highway speed. After hiccup, if it hadn’t stalled, tachometer would shut off (even though car was still running) and “TCS Off” light would illuminate. Dealer said it was Crankshaft Position sensor. He fixed it (part was $70 and labor $275). Been running great ever since!