Grand prix stalls while driving

car runs just fine till it warms up. somtimes i can drive for 20 min and somtimes a few hours. so far, ive chaged the fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition module, coil packs, crankshaft sensor, and the fuel pump relay switch. any ideas?

Model year? Engine size? Does it stall immediately, or does it stumble and stall? Clean fuel filter?

its a 2002 grand prix gt (3.8 L) runs like new when its cold. dies when it warms up. its a very smooth die. it doesnt sputter or make any noise at all. the first couple times i didnt even realize it died till i tried to give it gas. after it dies it will turn over just fine and it’ll even fire. it just wont start. i thought for sure it was the ignition module but it wasnt. any ideas at all are helpfull. thanks “B”

Check the crank sensor