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07 accord power windows will not work, except the driver side window

I have 2007 Honda accord. All three passenger side windows will not work. The driver side window do work however. The lock out button is not activated. When I press the switches to the passenger windows, it makes a click sound but windows will not open. This just started happening all at the same time without any warning. Any assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I would first suspect something is wrong with the lockout switch. Try cycling it a few times to see if that changes things. If that doesn’t work then I would then verify the switch is working correctly by testing it to make that isn’t what is causing the trouble. Since it is about the only thing common to those windows it would seem to be the most likely source of the trouble.

this car uses a relay to activate the three windows. a good technician with a wiring schematic diagram should be able to isolate the problem, which could be the switch or the relay.