Possessed Honda 2007 Accord VP

I’m having weird electrical problems with my accord. They started occurring about 2 weeks ago after a rain shower. That evening, I shut my car off with and still had the intermittent wiper still on. They next morning when I started up, the car started acting weird. Only low beam headlights work, A/C stopped blowing cold air, keyless entry stopped working, wipers only work on high, passenger rear window stopped working from the window control switch on the driver’s door, but still works from the switch on the rear passenger door. Here is the kicker, when I press the passenger rear window control switch that does not work for the rear passenger window, it actually makes the the other components that stopped working work. Now, when I need to use the turn signals or a blast of cold air from the A/C, I have to press the passenger rear window switch. I used a multimeter to check all the fuses and they all tested good. Any ideas?

loss ground maybe?

Has this car ever had any collision damage repaired?

Were the windows down? It seems as if water may have gotten into the drivers side window switches.