07 - 08 Ford Edge

Wondering why my 08 Edge is making a whining noise. It starts at about 40 mph.

How many miles are on the odometer, and is it actually a 2007 model, or a 2008 model?

The car has 23,000 and was purchased Sept. 07. Check out Ford Edge Forum, Noise. Many people have and still are having the same problem.

Noise started getting really bad this past winter and now it is driving me crazy. Taking it in on Tues. and will have the print out from the Forum.

Unless there is some mass defect that is affecting many Edge models, my best guess at this point would be that the tires are now worn sufficiently that they are making much more noise than when they were new.

Regarding the tires on new cars, the reality is that car manufacturers usually choose tires based on three factors: low price, good ride quality, and good fuel economy. In other words, the cheapest tire from a major manufacturer that yields good mpg and a good ride quality are the ones that will be put on the car at the factory.

The result is that OE tires rarely have a long tread life. At 23,000 miles, those OE tires have likely worn off about 75% of their useable tread, and almost all tires do become more noisy as they approach the end of their tread life.

If I were you, I would also have the vehicle checked out by the dealership, but you should prepare yourself for the “no problem found” verdict. If that turns out to be the case, new tires are the likely cure.

Found the Web site, Ford Edge Noise Forum. Many people are having this problem. According to some Ford Mechs. it could be , the Rear End, The Backing Plate or most likely , the Fuel Pump. If it where the tires the noise would change with different roads, gravel, concrete etc. Noise stays the same. Tuesday will tell .