2005 Volkswagon Passatt aftermarket radio issues

Hey there guys! I own a 2005 Volkswagon Passat, and took it to my mechanic yesterday to get a sticker and my new summer tires put on. When I picked up the car, the passenger side speaker is no longer working. About a month ago I took my car to a specialist to have an aftermarket radio put in for me that I got for my birthday so I can listen to my ipod. Does anyone know why my passenger side speaker is not working anymore? Does it have anything to do with what my mechanic might have messed up when putting the new tires on? Thanks!

Hard to imagine the tire replacement had anything to do with it. I’d take it to the audio shop, see what they say.

Ok, thanks!

Car speakers can just quit working, in a 9 year old car I think it’s probably a coincidence. The left door speaker in my 2010 Cobalt quit working at 3.5 years. I spent about $40 for new speakers and installed them myself. Treat yourself to a set of door speakers from Crutchfield.com.

Ed B.

If that speaker resides in the door panel, take a close look at the wiring that extends from the car body to that door, usually it goes through grommets in the door hinge area. Sometimes the opening and closing of the door can scrape away the wire insulation, or even break the wire.

I doubt the mechanic had anything to do w/it, just a coincidence.

Have you checked the “balance” knob? Perhaps it got accidentally turned while he was moving the car into or out of the shop. Perhaps he was trying to turn the radio down while driving it into the shop and turned the wrong knob by accident. If you have one of those “menu-driven” systems with menus, submenus, and a repeating/sequential push button, the likelihood is even greater.