06 santa fe front breaks noise when warmed up

I have a 06 fwd santa fe. Im pretty sure this is a front break noise. It only happens when breaking and after the breaks have warmed up quite a bit. So after long trips of stopping and going. But if the trip is long with not much stopping the noise doesnt happen. It never happens right away, so if the car sits over nite the next day for my morning coffee run the noise doesnt happen. But driving around town with a lot of stopping and going the noise eventually starts. The front break pads are new/recently installed, as well as the rotors. Ive tried giving the pads a sand but nothing changed and im not seeing any bluing on the rotors. You can hear the noise roughly 27 seconds into the mp3. Any ideas? At the moment i cant change back to my old pads as i have a bummed up wrist, ive been waiting for it to heal so i can try changing back to my old pads, but until then i was hoping if i could get an answer as to whats causing the noise. Thank you for your time.


Brad G

Have you put any brake grease behind the pads?

I heard a lot of noise but I’m not so sure it was brake noise. I would follow the suggestion of @knfenimore and put brake grease behind the pads and see if it makes any difference.

I once had a rear drum make a tic-tic-tic in phase with wheel rotation that took a pretty long time to start making the noise. Turns out one of the wheel bolt holes was cracked from the inside of the hole inward to the drum pilot diameter.

Where pre-cooked brake pads installed?

If not, there’s usually a procedure to follow after the new brake pads/rotors are installed to burn off the bonding agents/resins used in the manufacturing of the pads just below the friction surfaces. This also allows the proper transfer of friction materials between the brake pads and rotors.

If this isn’t done, and as the brake pads get hotter from use, these bonding agents/resins keep coming to the surface of the brake pads and get transferred to the brake rotors and the brakes make noise when they get hot.


Thank you for responding and no i didnt put any grease behind the pads. When ive changed the pads in the past i havent greased the back without any issues but definately will give it a try :smiley: If that is the case that would awesome, i like to know what noises come from what, got a head full of em :smiley:

Also i picked up a new set of drums for the rear while back but have yet to changed them so when i go to do that, on a nice day ill check it out to see how the wheel bolts are looking.

Thanks again for the responses, giving me reasons to take things apart and tinker with the car :smiley: