Rubber creaking noise when braking

I own a Hyundai Santa Fe thats reaching 70,000 miles. I had my brakes and rotors looked at a month ago and they said its getting low but im good for a couple months. Now I have this weird noise thats sounds like as if my tire is flat almost. Its a rubbery creaking noise coming from my front passenger side tire area. I alternated between using the e-brake and regular brakes and the noise only occurs when using the regular brakes at slow speeds, coming to complete stops and turning as well as going over bumps occasionally.

The video attached, the noise occurs at the end when I have the camera on the tire. Its louder than that usually, but I recorded the video in my driveway.

Any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

Ask your mechanic to do a visual, see if there’s anything in that area that has come loose and rubbing on the tire. The splash shield come loose and do this. If it isn’t that, then probably the best thing to do is advance your schedule, and have the front brakes serviced, the rotor surface deglazed, the pads replaced, and the brake parts lubed with high temp brake grease. While this is being done the mechanic can make sure all the brake parts are operating smoothly and not binding up.

Thank you! I also had a new update today where i stomped on the brakes in an idle position and then when I drove home there was no longer any noise…

It sounds like there may be something binding in the brake ass’y somewhere. The pads are supposed to be free to move on the lubricated tracks, and if they or anything else binds-up due to lack of lubrication this can be a symptom. You need a pro to take a look at it.