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Stalling Saturn

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion stalls when I make left hand turns! The engine light comes on and the car goes into limp mode! I stop the car and wait a minute or two and it starts right back up and after driving it for a while the engine light goes out! I took it to a shop and they replaced the throttle body and ignition coil on two different occasions and my car still does the same thing! Perplexed and dont want to keep going back getting charged $300 a pop and not getting the problem fixed! Any ideas?

What fault coeds is the ECU spitting out? You can have these read by most parts stores for free, or you can probably find some on your copies of the shop orders. You DID keep your copies of the shop orders???

For a problem that’s only and always happening when you make left hand turns, I would not go first to the throttle body or the coil. I’d first look at the fuel pump cutoff inertia switch. Its purpose is to shut off the fuel pump in an accident or rollover.

Secondly, I’d look at the engine mounts and whether engine movement could cause interference with something necessary…like breaking the ground strap contact to the engine or ground.

If that didn’t prove fruitful, I’d raise the left side of the car (via jackstands, ramps, or some other safe way) and see what stops working.

Well, in a pinch, three right turns do make one left turn…


When the check engine light comes on, the car will store codes related to the condition.
What codes does it throw?