06 Crown Vic interceptor shifting problems

Hello I have a 2006 CVPI. For about a year (ever since I had the trans rebuilt) I have had a issue that ive brought back to the company that did the rebuild about 8 times. Neddless to say I got my money back. Anyways the problem, After driving maybe for an hour and the engine and trans in normal operating temps when I stop at a light or stop sign when its my turn to go I noticed that when the trans shifts into second gear my car will kick into second. There isnt any weird noises but you feel the car kind of kick into second gear. After taking it to about 3 other transmission shops everyone says it feels fine and there are no codes. Only solution is to remove the trans to see whats internally wrong but at the cost of basically rebuilding it again $1300-1400.

I have a '96 with the 4rw70 (or some such designation) tranny and had a transgo shift-improver kit installed by a local xmission shop. I bought the version that was supposed to provide more positive shifts (as for taxis and such), but not harsh, racing shifts. I think the guy at the shop took a shortcut and only installed the hardware that came with the kit, but didn’t do any of the drilling that was also required. When starting to drive for the first time on any given day, the first shift from 1st to 2nd slams, as in a racing shift. It’s usually only the first shift of the day that hits that hard. After that, it’s firm, but no uncomfortably so. The rest of the gears shift ok all of the time. Though my case is a little different than yours, I thought you might find it useful.


That sounds exactly like my issue just the other way around. Typically my first ride in the am to work is fine i notice it on my way home and than to school almost every time i stop and go. Its not violent just really annoying. Before the rebuild it shifted fine except the whining and slipping into 3-4 gear.

Old post I know but I’m having the same issue. Any idea what it was? Do you remember?

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I completely forgot about this post. I’m not 100% sure if this was the fix or if it was a mixture of driving it for a few months the way it was. Basically I did a full trans flush and replaced the filter in my garage and used Ford’s branded transmission fluid.

I suspect they didn’t use the correct fluid but not certain. Immediately after the flush and filter it was a smooth shift (just like butter).

Hell I sold this car about 3 years ago and it was still shifting smoothly.