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05 town and country won't start

I have a 2005 town and country that was running fine and when my wife picked me up today and was waiting idle it died. She didn’t try to start it right away and when I got out there tried to start it and it fired then died and now it won’t fire at all. It turns over fine but just won’t fire.

Try spraying a little starter fluid into the intake to see if that helps fire the engine. If it does then there is most likely a fuel delivery problem. If that doesn’t help then the ignition system would be suspect.

I tried the starting fluid pulled off the intake from the air filter opened the throttle a little to let it in and gave it a shot. Nothing happened. I pulled out a spark plug grounded it to the engine and there is a good hot spark so it has spark but I couldn’t get it to run on the starting fluid but I didn’t want to put to much in as I didn’t want to blow it up. I put in about 2-3 seconds worth in.